Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How to Achieve Spiritual Health and Balance in Your Life

Life can certainly seem off-balance and out of control at times. In fact, sometimes it seems like harmony is forever out of reach. It seems that we are always juggling too many things, and trying to keep them all in order is an impossible task. There are some things you can incorporate into your life, however, that can help you achieve spiritual health and balance. Here are some suggestions to consider to bring balance back into your life.

* Control - Identify what you can control, and what you can't. Once you recognize that you don't have to be solely in charge of keeping every ball in the air in your daily juggling act, you can let some of them go and focus on the ones that you can control. Diet, exercise, and learning new things are all activities and lifestyle choices you can influence and control.

Fresh vegetables are important components of a...
Fresh vegetables are important components of a healthy diet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
* Diet - Instead of obsessing over weight loss and what the latest superfood is, take an honest look at your diet and make some healthy adjustments. Start small, incorporating real, whole, fresh foods and work toward a balanced diet. It's amazing how much more balanced your life can feel when your diet is.

* Exercise - Any exercise is good as long as it is regular, but if you really want to enhance your spiritual health and achieve balance, engage in exercise that promotes that. Martial arts, Yoga, Pilates, Qigong, and other meditative, stretching exercises benefit the mind, body and spirit.

* A higher power - Engage in prayer and/or meditation on a daily basis. It helps shift your focus off of your problems and onto the spiritual world. It puts things in perspective.

* Herbal tea - Drinking herbal teas can help you toward your healthful goals. Perhaps you need a relaxing blend, or maybe a stimulating one. Tea drinking is actually part of the religious ceremonies in some countries. It connects you to nature and promotes a peaceful spirit.

* Gratitude - Try to cultivate a sense of gratitude in your life. When you are grateful for what you have, it makes what you don't have much less of a concern.

* Sleep - Getting adequate sleep is important for mental, physical, and emotional health. It is a key component of achieving balance in your life.

* Mantras - Internalize a wise saying, verse of scripture, philosophical phrase, or whatever inspires you. Write it down and put it on your bathroom mirror, coffee maker, by your computer monitor, or wherever you will see it every day.

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* Nature - Get out into nature. Many of us suffer from an inadequate "dose" of the outdoors, making our lives an imbalanced experience of indoor-only living. Connection with nature helps the spirit, too, and enhances spiritual health. When you can, incorporate elements of nature into your indoor living space too - such as potted plants, flowers, and more. (See Thursday's post for some ideas for incorporating nature into your indoor decor.)

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