Thursday, December 11, 2014

Create Holiday Decorations Your Way

Once you get the menu planned for your holiday celebration, you most likely will start thinking about decorating.  But when you think of the price of decorations, you panic.  How will you be able to create a festive atmosphere on a tight budget?  It's not difficult if you keep in mind that sometimes simple is best.  Let's take a look at how you can create decorations you love while staying within your budget - and keeping the environment clean at the same time.

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Stay True to Your Style

It's a fact that when decorating for a holiday, the fewer pieces you buy the better.  Not only will your budget thank you, but it's often true that less-is-more.  But, along with keeping your decorations simple and focused, your decorations should also reflect your style.  Not only will this make your guests more comfortable in your home, the decorations will also fit in your home for many years and seasons to come.

Choosing the 'Now' or 'It' styles touted by stylists doesn't typically work for most people, especially people on a budget.  If you can't afford to swap out your decorations every year, then you shouldn't go with the latest fads.  Do you really want to be stuck with mauve color silk floral wreaths, lights, and ribbons all over the house if your style is more on the natural, earthy, rustic side?  It costs a lot of money to replace boxes and boxes of previous years' decorations simply because you just can't stand putting them out again - not to mention how much waste they contribute to the environment.  Look around your house now.  What style are you?  Now look for inspiration and choose the décor that fits your style and will make you happy for years to come.

Be Inspired

Now you need inspiration, but don't go to the mall yet!  This is a common mistake. Don't get stuck in the décor aisle in the big department store without knowing what you're looking for. You are bound to start grabbing things that are pretty, and then paying a pretty price for way too much stuff.  Instead, know what you're looking for before you shop, or create.  Take the time to look through the glossy design magazines and pull a few ideas that you like.  Your public library will have these magazines to borrow, so you don't even need to spend any money, except a few cents to run the photocopier perhaps.  Tune into the home and garden television shows, too.  Again, find one or two themes that fit your style and make notes so you can build your holiday décor around them. 

A newer place to find inspiration to get your creativity flowing is the Pinterest website. Pinterest is an online bulletin board that allows people to share pictures with anyone who chooses to log on.  There are virtually millions of images to scroll through and be inspired by.  It's easy to start finding inspiration on Pinterest. Just set up a free account and begin your search with something easy like 'holiday decorations.'  Once you start finding your way around, you'll have enough inspiration to start designing your own festive holiday decorations as easily and as frugally as you want. And, as opposed to getting caught up in impulse buying at the store, this inspiration doesn't cost you a dime.

Create it Yourself

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Now that you know your style and have your inspiration, it's time to decorate.  When it comes to getting your decorations together, it may be more cost efficient to design your own. If you pulled inspiration from Pinterest, be sure to click through to the websites that feature the design you like.  There are often DIY instructions to create similar decorations - often both saving money and creating a more eco-friendly product. Most magazines also offer a website to find more detailed information about their décor choices.

Keep an open mind.  If you can't invest in the fancy tablecloth you spotted online, see if you can create something around the same look.  If, for instance, you love the embroidered fall leaf design, recreate it with fabric paint and stencils or stamps on a plain white tablecloth.  If you love the glitter and glow of a fireplace mantle lined with dozens of designer candles and glass beads, buy a big box of candles at the dollar store and boxes of clear tree ornaments and create your own sparkling decoration on your mantle. These decorations are inspired by designer elements, but you add your own touches making them true to your style, and budget!

Holiday decorating doesn't have to be expensive if you find the inspiration you need to create your own festive atmosphere.  Choose the style that fits you and create it yourself for less money and environmental impact, as well as the added benefit of making it uniquely yours.  Your guests will be comfortable in your home because it's warm and inviting and fits your style.  And that's what decorating is all about!

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