Monday, April 25, 2011

Non-Toxic Nail Polish?

Ladies (and creative-thinking gents) - this one's for you. If you aren't aware of just how many toxins are in commercial nail polish, the answer is....a LOT. And, although some of the toxins dissipate as the polish dries (you know that "nail polish" smell?), some of them absorb through your nail beds and into your body. Personally, I love having pretty toes (especially in the summer), but was often bothered by the thought of all the toxins that I might be subjecting my body to. Fortunately, many companies are now recognizing this, and there are several new non-toxic nail polish formulas now on the market.

Hopscotch Save 10%

Here is a good one, and they are actually having a sale right now, through May 12, so stock up and save 10%. They have just launched a new line for kids and teens, so you can find some new, brighter spring colors as well. Click the link below (or banner above) for your coupon, and to shop for these tasty, pretty, and safe water-based polishes.

10% OFF Hopscotch and Scotch Naturals Toxin Free Polishes

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