Saturday, June 4, 2011

Find Safer Sunscreens

'Tis the season...for sunburns! Lately you may have heard some of the controversy surrounding sunscreens. Apparently in our rush to avoid the sun, we have been using chemicals on our skin that actually can CAUSE cancer! So what is a sun-lover to do this summer?

UVA protection logo on sunscreens (European Union)Image via WikipediaHere is a great article from the Environmental Working Group, which has compiled an extensive database of sunscreens, and rated them based on both safety and effectiveness. (We've also listed a few of the top ranked sunscreens below.)

Check out the article, and then check out your sunscreen - and maybe find a better one.

EWG's 2011 Sunscreen Guide (originally published by the Environmental Working Group):

Is your sunscreen actually protecting your family as advertised? Or are some of the claims just marketing hype?

Of the more than 600 beach and sports sunscreens analyzed by Environmental Working Group for our 2011 Sunscreen Guide, we can only recommend one in five. The sunscreen industry continues to load store shelves with bottles listing misleading, sky-high SPF ratings that may protect against UVB rays that cause sunburn but leave skin at risk for UVA damage. And nearly one in three products in the guide are still laced with vitamin A ingredients that accelerate the growth of skin tumors and lesions according to recent government studies.

Sort through the sunscreen noise -- click here for EWG's 2011 Sunscreen Guide

You'll find:
:: Our top rated sunscreens
:: EWG's Sun Safety Tips
:: Our updated "Hall of Shame," which highlights what's wrong with the sunscreen industry
:: How your sunscreen ranks when you search our database (Hint: Leading brands like Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat didn't make the cut.)

EWG's researchers rated more than 1,700 sunscreens, lip balms, and SPF moisturizers and makeup for the 2011 Sunscreen Guide because we want you to have the information you need to make smart choices. But work like this is costly and we need your help to keep it up. Donate just $5 -- less than a bottle of sunscreen -- to EWG today and we'll send you a free Quick Tips for Safer Cosmetics shopping guide to say thank you. Click here to donate

We hope our research helps your family enjoy the sun safely this summer.

The Environmental Working Group

Just to make it easy, here are a few examples of sunscreens that rated well:
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