Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Resource: Environmental Health News

Here is a great resource for you, brought to my attention by one of my other favorite health news sources - the EWG. This is one you might want to bookmark!

List of invasive species in the Mid-Atlantic r...Image via WikipediaThe veteran journalists, scientists and experts at the non-profit Environmental Health News monitor daily news coverage and major scientific articles, and summarize for you the recent critical developments in science, health and the environment.

Best of all, it's FREE!

Every day you will receive a quick summary of a number of articles, including EHN's original reporting, on the issues you care about -- from toxic chemicals, to food safety, climate change and other environmental risks. You can just follow the links to whichever articles you would like more detail on.

And did I mention that it's free?

To get today's stories and to sign up to get daily headlines sent to your inbox, just visit

You may also want to check out EHN's sister site. The Daily Climate ( which features links to worldwide news on climate change -- its causes and consequences as well as the potential solutions to a global challenge.

Or, just keep checking our blog, as we do sometimes feature articles and topics inspired from these!

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