Friday, August 19, 2011

India Tree Natural Decorating Colors - For Cakes, Frostings, and More

Most of us are aware of the dangers and issues with artificial coloring and how they can affect humans and endanger our health. Artificial colorants are everywhere, even if you are not aware of it. Did you know that artificial colorants are made from chemicals such as petroleum, coal tar and acetone to name a few? (Yes, that is what your kids are eating....) They cause havoc with our health and especially the health of our growing children. If you are aware of the dangers of these artificial colors, you might already use natural dyes for your baking etc.

India Tree Natural Decorating ColoursThere are various products on the market now that are made from natural ingredients. One of them is the India Tree Natural Decorating Colors Set. The set comes with primary colors yellow, red and blue. Given that these are natural dyes, the brightness of the colors will vary from what you might expect or are used to from artificial ones. The colors in general are more subdued - the red is not artificially bright red, but more reddish/pink pastel. What you get are natural earthy colors. You can still create lovely looking icing and frosting by adding drops of this natural dye.

I think it is important to know that these colors are made from natural and highly concentrated vegetable colorants instead of synthetic and artificial chemicals that can cause harm to our health. Avoiding artificial colors is especially important for kids with certain food allergies and autism.

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