Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where to Find Organic Wines

If you are keen on organic food, you might have also tried organic wine. Wine, in moderation, is said to be beneficial to your heart health. But there are many health reasons why you should drink organic wine instead of traditionally grown wine. First of all, the grapes in organic wines are not sprayed with pesticides. Organic wine producers don't add flavors to their wine, no additional sulfites are added other than the naturally occurring sulfite and they abide by strict environmental and sustainable growing practices. Not only is drinking organic wine better for your health, but in doing so, you also support eco-friendly farming. (See our previous post for more on the benefits of organic wine.)

order organic-vegan-biodynamic winesThe Organic Wine Company offers outstanding organic wines from different countries. There are red, wine, rosé, sparkling and dessert wines from France, Chile, Spain, Argentina, New Zealand to name a few. Or how about a delicious vegan or biodynamic bottle?

If you enjoy wine, why not sign up to the monthly wine club, which delivers three bottles of either red or mixed colors organic wine, to your home. The wines will differ each time and you will be able to enjoy a good selection of superb wines each month.

Overall, the Organic Wine Company offers - in my opinion - a great selection and fantastic value at a very reasonable price.

You can find their website at:

organic-vegan-biodynamic wines

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