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Detoxing: What Is Is It, And Is It Right For You?

You may have heard a lot about detoxing or detox diets. In fact, many celebrities swear by detox diets to lose weight. However, detoxing offers many more benefits than losing weight. If you’re curious about detoxing or interested in improving your health we may be able to help answer your questions.

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What is Detoxing?

Detoxing is the process of eliminating toxins from your body. There are many ways that toxins are naturally removed from your body. For example, if you are sweating toxins are removed from your body in your sweat. You urinate toxins and they are also eliminated in your stools. Additionally you can take a bath in Epsom salts or sea salts and remove toxins from your body.

Toxins can be stored in your fat cells, muscles, blood and organs. Many of these toxins enter your body from every day exposure to chemicals. For example, car exhaust is inhaled. Second hand smoke is a toxin. You also ingest pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers and other chemicals when you eat. If you drink alcohol then you want to help get toxins out of your body. And if you eat junk food or processed food then you also consume chemicals in the form of artificial sweeteners, preservatives and flavorings and colorings. All these poisons accumulate in your body to make up what is called your "toxic load."

sweatingImage via WikipediaHow Does Detoxing Work?

A detox diet or detox plan helps lessen your toxic load by getting the toxins out of your body quickly. Most basic detox diets work by eliminating any chemicals from being consumed. For example, you might drink only organic juices for five days. This gets all of the toxins out of your body and doesn’t add any into your body. If you add sweating, massage and salt baths to the process then you detoxify even faster.

Why Detox?

If you’re feeling particularly run down you might want to detox. Getting the toxins out of your body can help restore health. If you’re considering going on a diet or fitness plan then a detox diet can help you start on the right foot. Additionally, if you want to lose weight then you might detox.

Detoxing Risks and Side Effects

Detoxing isn’t for everyone and it’s not without risks. You will likely experience a few withdrawal symptoms if you are on a detox diet. This is because your body is used to sugars and other chemicals. When you stop eating them, your body will need time to adjust. You might experience headaches, a bit of insomnia and some stomach distress. These side effects pass quickly. Once you’ve made it through the withdrawal symptoms you’ll feel great. You’ll likely have more energy. Your complexion may improve and your digestion and mental clarity will improve too.

Before you detox, talk to your doctor or an alternative healthcare professional. Pay close attention to your body during your detoxing experience. Detox too fast and you may become ill as toxins are released from your muscles into your bloodstream. You can always slow down the detox process.

Your health is important. Detoxing can improve it. Detox carefully and with careful attention to your body.

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