Friday, October 21, 2011

Video - pHion Detox System Overview

Here is a quick overview of a good detox/cleanse program, if you are going to go the supplement route, vs. the dietary method (we will discuss more on the differences between these two in the weeks ahead, and how and when to use one vs. the other, or a combination of the two).

Whole Body Detoxification Supplement - Detox Your Liver & Much More!
Detoxify Your WHOLE Body, Liver, Lymph & Kidneys! pHion Whole Body Detoxification helps to eliminate bacteria, yeast and fungi - as well as the mycotoxins, exotoxins and endotoxins they produce - throughout your WHOLE body.

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pHion Cleanze - Capsules
The Gentle, Yet Powerful Cleanse! The secret behind pHion Cleanze's efficacy is its ionic nature. The negatively charged elements in pHion Cleanze binds and remove acids, microforms, toxins, and heavy metals from your colon.

pHion D-tox - Capsules
Detoxify Your WHOLE Body! pHion D-tox helps to eliminate bacteria, yeast, and fungi - as well as the toxins they produce - throughout your WHOLE body. Plus, it will give your liver, kidneys and lymphatic system a detox tune-up. Eliminates yeast, fungi, and bacteria. pHion D-tox contains a comprehensive blend of herbal extracts and dietary ingredients that kill yeast, fungi and harmful organisms.

pHion Cleanze and D-tox Pack - Capsules
The Cleanze and D-tox Pack contains everything you need to cleanse & detoxify your entire body.  Includes: pH-boosting alkaline water additives, Cleansing & detoxifying elements with beneficial probiotics and prebiotics.
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