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The Benefits of Healing Touch Therapy

Are you looking to solve a health concern and nothing you’ve tried has worked? If prescriptions, and the advice of your physician or physical therapist aren’t working consider trying Healing Touch Therapy. Healing touch therapy works with your energy field to help repair, emotional, physical and mental pains. Often they’re connected and healing touch can be the therapy that pulls everything together. (Yes, it may sound a little "out there" to some, but many have received great benefits from this method, and it is completely natural and isn't putting any harmful substances into your body, so isn't it worth a try, especially if more conventional methods haven't helped? You can also use it to supplement and enhance conventional treatments.)

Cover of "Healing Touch: A Complete Guide...Cover via AmazonBenefits of Healing Touch Therapy

Helps you learn to care for yourself - Healing touch focuses on helping you not only heal your physical, emotional and spiritual self - it also teaches self care. Through healing touch sessions you’ll learn more about how to care for yourself so you stay balanced and healthy in all areas of your life.

Helps manage chronic pain – chronic pain can cause severe stress and anxiety. It can cause depression and a feeling of hopelessness. Healing touch therapy helps you learn to manage chronic pain - naturally. It can also alleviate some of the symptoms. Additionally, healing touch helps you come to grips with the emotional toll chronic stress can take on a person. Through healing touch you’ll learn to feel more positive about your life.

Healing touch can be practiced anywhere – healing touch therapy can be performed in your home, in the hospital or at a practitioner’s office. It can come to you which makes it very accessible.

Complimentary – healing touch therapy isn’t an exclusive therapy. Some therapies require you to forgo all other medical care. Nothing interferes with healing touch. It works quite well to compliment any traditional or non-traditional therapy you may be using to treat your condition.

Your Healing Hands
    Non-invasive – healing touch is a gentle, non-invasive therapy. Sessions generally range from thirty minutes to sixty minutes so it’s easy to fit between therapies or into a busy day. Your clothing remains on so it’s different from massage. You do remove your socks and shoes.

Comprehensive – healing touch can help with anything from stress and anxiety to cancer care and support. It can help strengthen your immune system, help you recover from surgery, and ease back pain. It can also help with issues like depression, feelings of fear and loneliness or spiritual detachment.

Certified practitioners and globally accepted – healing touch therapy is taught in nursing schools, universities, and other learning institutions.

If you’re looking for a way to ease pain, manage a health condition and you want a holistic approach consider healing touch. It’s an effective way to help you heal your heart, mind and body.

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From the Heart Through the Hands
The Healing Power of Touch

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