Friday, April 20, 2012

Review - The Earth Day Book

The Earth Day book is part of the popular Rookie Books series, which gives young children a basic introduction to various holidays that are celebrated. The books of this series are at a level that encourages children with independent reading. The Earth Day book explains in easy written and interesting language the story of Earth Day, traditions, actions children can take, craft, activities and food ideas.

The book comes with lovely bright illustrations and photographs to grab your child's attention. Reading this book will not only improve your child's reading skills, but also teaches them all about Earth Day and instils in them the importance of protecting our environment.

I would certainly recommend Earth Day and the Rookie Books series in general as engaging teaching tools for your children and a way to give them a better understanding of our traditions and holidays. These books would make a nice present to any young elementary child with an interest in learning about the world. Parents can use this book and any book in the series to spend time together with their child reading and learning.

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