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Creating Efficient Home Energy Generation Systems

When you are tired of paying for your high home energy bill month after month and would like see some changes and feel some savings, there is one thing to do: invest on one or more alternative home energy generation systems.

Home energy generation is the solution if you want to cut down on those bills and utilize the natural energy sources all around you. A home energy generation system will provide you what is essentially home energy freedom. Sure, you have to invest first but for many it is worth every penny. You can spare yourself from the present costs of home energy and the future increases that may occur. And most of all, investing in a home energy generation system will also help the environment through the use of cleaner sources of energy.

Among the types of alternative energy that can be used in the home, wind energy and solar energy are the most common.

English: Schematic diagram of a modern horizon...
Schematic diagram of a modern horizontal-axis, three-bladed wind turbine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
1. Wind Energy

Wind is very abundant in many parts of the country; thus, many households can capitalize on the use of wind as a source of home energy. As the cost of energy production through fuel and oil grows increasingly high, clean, safe and free air appears to be the better choice for the future.

As a main source of power for your home, wind can provide substantial cost savings over the use of energy sourced from the expensive oil. However, wind speed varies on a daily basis. One day, the wind may blow hard all day long. The next day, the wind may not be able to even make your turbine spin. And even in the breeziest places in America, you can never tell when you're going to get a windy day. This is one disadvantage of using wind power, but wind patterns do exist. Assessing the wind patterns in your area can help you determine whether a wind turbine will be a useful source of energy for your household.

If you are planning to install wind turbines on your home, make sure that the local zoning allows wind turbines. You must also ensure that there is a good source of wind on most days. A wide and open space, at least 1 acre, is ideal for wind turbines. But, if you do live in a windy area, and are paying more than $150 on your monthly electric bill, then wind power may be a good option for you.

There are 5 main components of a wind power generation system.

1. The rotor is the set of rotating blades designed to capture the air.  The rotation brings power to the generator.

2. The turbine or the generator is attached to the rotor. It stores the energy that the home will use.

3. The tail is located opposite of the rotor. It tracks the direction of the wind.

4. The tower raises the turbine, rotor and tail up into the air to receive the most amount of wind possible.

5. The governor is the mechanism that controls the production of energy. This is like the transformer you can see on electric posts.

2. Solar Power

English: Solar panel on roof in Mariakerke, Gh...
Solar panel on roof in Mariakerke, Ghent, Belgium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are 6 often-overlooked advantages to installing solar panels on your roof - over other energy generation methods.

1.  Solar panels are lightweight, safe, and usually easy to install.

2.  Roofs are susceptible to UV exposure. The solar panel eliminates this. Your roof will also be protected from weather.

3.  Solar panels contribute to keeping your house well insulated. They provide extra covering and enable you to save as much as 30% on heating expenses.

4.  Drilling holes in your roof to install a wind turbine or other generator is very risky. Interlocking solar panels eliminate this risk.

5.  Solar panel designs can work on almost any roof type and size. In other words, you can get the perfect solar panel no matter what the size and shape of your roof is.

6.  Solar panels are installed without requiring you to modify your roof.

Solar power can help you cut down the cost of your electric bill tremendously. If you live in a sunny climate (even if it's cold), solar power can be an excellent choice for a home energy generation system.
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