Friday, February 1, 2013

Video - Why Green Tea Is Healthy

This short video explains some of the health benefits of green tea, and what makes it so good for you. Other types of tea have similar benefits, but green tea is less processed than many other teas (except for white tea), so it has less caffeine, but more antioxidants. (For more info, see Monday's post on the health benefits of green tea.)

Also, when it comes to caffeine, an interesting tidbit that isn't mentioned here is that green tea contains a compound that actually mitigates caffeine's effect on the brain, which is why you feel alert after drinking green tea, but usually not "wired" like you would feel after drinking coffee. This means you don't get the spike and "crash" like you would with coffee or other drinks that contain caffeine.

Green tea truly does work well with the body for most people, and offers many great benefits that are hard to find elsewhere. If you're a coffee addict, try switching one cup per day with green tea instead, and gradually you may be able to break your coffee addiction and replace it with a much healthier beverage.

Healing Quest: Nutrition Tip - Green Tea The health benefits of green tea are explored.

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