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The Basics of Homeopathic Healing

Homeopathy has been used for more than 200 years to treat everything from colds and viruses to significant conditions like cancer and post traumatic stress disorder.  It’s based on the theory that the body is the best source of healing for itself.  Let’s take a look at the theory behind Homeopathic healing and how it’s used. 

The Three Principles of Homeopathic Healing

Homeopathy is based on thee main principles.  They include:

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* Like Cures Like
This principle is often seen in the treatment of allergies.  For example if a person is allergic to grass pollen then they will regularly receive injections with a small amount of grass pollen in the solution.  The theory being that they will slowly build up a tolerance for the allergen until they have little or no reaction.  The same holds true for many of our vaccines.  If you’re getting a flu vaccine, you’re receiving a small amount of the flu virus.  Your body recognizes it and defeats it thus, when that particular strain of the flu comes around you won’t get it because your body knows how to combat it.

* Minimal Dose
Homeopathic healing takes the approach of extreme dilution, theorizing that your body doesn’t need to be inundated with an element to adapt and respond.  How diluted are the dosages?  We’re talking about 1 part homeopathic element or remedy and  1,000,000,000,000 parts water (or other inert filler substance).

* The Single Remedy
Have you ever had a cold but didn’t have the cold medication to cover all your symptoms so you took a decongestant, a fever reducer and cough medicine combined to try to make it through the day?  This is the opposite of how homeopathy approaches healing.  Because you’re dealing with having the body heal itself, homeopathy believes that only one remedy is taken - usually it’s the presumed cause of the illness that is the remedy.

Who Can Use Homeopathy?

Homeopathic healing is deemed safe for everyone. This includes pregnant women, children and even babies and the elderly.  Treatment is easy and typically involves, once a diagnosis has been made, taking a powder or small tablet orally.  The tablets are designed to dissolve in your mouth and may need to be held under the tongue for a few seconds until completely dissolved.  While some treatments may require only one tablet taken daily, others may require several tablets each day.  The treatment depends on the diagnosis and the practitioner.

Various homeopathic remedies
Various homeopathic remedies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Why Use Homeopathic Healing?

Believe it or not, homeopathy  is the second most widely used form of healing in the world. And its popularity in western civilization continues to grow - it is even approved by the FDA, which is an extremely tough thing for a natural remedy to achieve as you may know.  By and large, this success is due to the fact that homeopathy is extremely effective, when properly diagnosed.  It’s also extremely safe and results in virtually no side effects and it can be taken with other medication without the fear of interaction.

Homeopathic remedies are also natural. You’re not putting potentially harmful chemicals into your body. In addition, as more and more people adopt a more holistic approach to healing, it’s much more natural and effective to treat the cause of a problem rather than the symptoms.  Homeopathy treats the cause.

When it comes to healing, homeopathic healing has a long and successful history and a bright future.  To find a skilled homeopathic doctor you can visit one of the many online directories or associations or you can speak to your medical practitioner for a recommendation.

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