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The Potential Risks and Dangers of Detoxing

If you’ve been considering a detox diet or a detox plan you may have come across some alarming information. Many experts consider detoxing to be extremely dangerous. Detoxing does offer some powerful health benefits. However, it’s not a strategy to take lightly. Detoxing isn’t for everyone and it’s important to know the potential risks and dangers before you start. And above all, be sure you are following a safe and natural detox plan that works with your body to help it detoxify and heal - stay away from extreme diets and weird detoxification supplements if you're not sure what's in them or what they do.

Always choose a safe, gentle cleanse that works with your body, not against it.
Existing Health Conditions

If you have an existing health condition, detoxing may not be right for you. For example, if you’re pregnant, do not detox. If you have diabetes, an immune deficiency, or compromised organs then detoxing should be approached with extreme caution and the guidance of an educated health professional.

If you have kidney disease, liver problems or heart disease, do not detox. If you’re unsure if a detox plan is right for you ask your doctor. It’s always a good idea to get a doctor’s approval before you take any significant steps in this arena.

Detoxing for Weight Loss

Many detox plans are designed specifically for weight loss. They work by essentially starving the body of calories over a period of days. Some even add laxative measures so you’re purging your body of existing material. This can cause dehydration, digestive problems, headaches, dizziness, and extreme fatigue. Yes, you’ll lose weight because you’re not consuming many, if any, calories. However, as soon as you begin eating normally you’ll often gain most if not all of the weight back.

If you’re going to detox for weight loss, choose a safe, healthy long term plan. For example, drink organic juices for breakfast and lunch and eat a solid meal for dinner. Choose organic foods without pesticides and eat a healthy and well balanced meal. You’ll lose weight naturally and gradually while you also detoxify your body. (For an example of this type of plan, see the Total Wellness Cleanse.)

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Serious Side Effects

Some detox diets come with a handful of unpleasant side effects. They include dizziness, diarrhea, headaches, mood swings and insomnia. These side effects are generally caused by withdrawal.

For example, if you normally consume sugar or sugary substitutes and you suddenly stop, your body is going to miss them. Caffeine, white flour and other food elements can cause similar effects. (This is called a food addiction, and it's so common almost everyone has at least one.)

The good news is that these side effects generally go away a few days into the detox diet, as you break your unhealthy addictions. Most people then feel energetic, clear headed and extremely healthy. However, it is also important to pay close attention to your body. If the side effects are severe or are making your day to day activities difficult then modify the detox diet and approach it more gradually.

It is important to take care when detoxifying. It can be a great first step to improved health. However, it’s not a strategy to take lightly. Follow a proven and trusted detox plan that is gentle and works naturally to detoxify and heal your bodily systems. Pay careful attention to your health and listen to your body!

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