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7 Dietary Ways to Remove Toxins for Healthy Skin

Have you applied all sorts of expensive creams or cleansers and wondered why your skin continued to look unhealthy?  That is because healthy skin comes from the inside out.  You might not often think of it this way, but remember, your skin is an organ, and like all organs, it benefits from a healthy, toxin-free diet.

Here are some dietary steps you can take to have healthy, beautiful skin:

1. Stay hydrated

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* You have probably heard about the importance of drinking water to stay healthy and cleanse the system, and that includes your skin.  Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, at least six 8oz. glasses a day.  In fact, all fluids you drink count towards your daily hydration needs, but limit caffeinated beverages as they have diuretic and dehydrating effects. 

* Add a squeeze of lemon juice to cleanse your liver.  In traditional Chinese medicine, poor skin indicates an unhealthy liver - which makes sense, as these are our two main organs of detoxification.

2. Bring on the fats

* For your skin to remain plump and supple, applying moisturizers can help, but taking healthy fats into your system will also have a deeper, healthier effect on your skin. 

* Flax, olive, and fish oils, as well as clean animal fats such as organic butter from grass-fed cows, and expeller-pressed organic coconut oil, should be incorporated into the diet. Eat fatty, cold-water fish such as salmon at least once a week, but make sure it is from a reputable source so that you are not adding to your body's toxic overload by eating fish that have lived in toxic waters. Only eat wild-caught fish - never farmed.

3. Fresh fruits and vegetables

* In addition to hydrating the body, fresh veggies and fruits provide vital skin-healthy nutrients and antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C and E and toxin-absorbing fiber.  Lightly steamed or raw are the ideal ways to consume these foods, in order to preserve their vitamin and antioxidant powers. 

4. Nuts and seeds

* These little gems include important blood-building nutrients like iron, and healthy circulation and blood are key to good skin health.

* Nuts and seeds also contain healthy fats which, as noted above, keep the skin smooth and glowing.

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5. Go organic

* If you have not already, switch to organic foods.  Your body needs to be as free from toxins as possible for your skin to be healthy, and organic food is not contaminated with synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers.

* These harmful substances can also cause hormonal imbalances, which are strongly implicated in acne and other skin problems.  This goes for produce, as well as meats and dairy products. Speaking of dairy products...  

6. Limit dairy products

* Except for plain yogurt, you should sharply limit your dairy intake if you want healthier skin.  Most modern dairy products are likely to contain hormones or antibiotics or other toxins. Only eat dairy from organically raised, grass-fed animals.

7. Limit junk and fast foods

These "foods" are full of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and unhealthy fats.  Cleanse your skin from the inside by eating whole, fresh natural foods instead. They taste better and are more satisfying too!

There you have it - 7 ways to get healthy, glowing skin - naturally!  And your whole body will be healthier as well.

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