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Detox Juice Diet?

There are many different types of detox programs. Most of the effective ones involve modifying your diet for a specific period of time. If you’re seeking a detox program consider detoxing with juice as the first part of your cleanse program.

English: Taza anar Ka Juice, Pomegranate juice...Image via WikipediaWhat is a Juice Detox?

A juice detox is exactly what it sounds like. You spend one to three days drinking juice. Some juice detox plans require you to drink only juice. Others combine diet and juice over a period of several days to several weeks. Juice detox diets work by filling you with healthy, preferably organic, fruits and vegetables - you are able to ingest more of these in juice form than you would be if you tried to eat all the fruits and veggies required in their whole form.

This effectively flushes your intestines, colon and stomach of all the muck and built up toxins. It’s a very effective way of cleansing your digestive system. A juice detox also works by allowing your body a reprieve from toxins. When you drink only organic juice for several days you’re not adding any more toxins to your body. This gives your body extra time to get rid of existing toxins. It can “catch up” so to speak.

Why Detox With Juice

A juice detox is incredibly healthy. Even if you only detox for one day, you’re filling your body with healthy fruits and vegetables. You’re getting tons of nutrients and vitamins. You’re flushing your system and getting a fresh start. People who detox with juice often feel renewed and energized. You may experience more mental clarity too.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

The first thing you need to get started on a juice detox is approval from your doctor. If you have diabetes, you’re pregnant or you have a health condition it is important to get the okay from your doctor. Once you have the okay, you’ll want to find a juice detox plan to follow. There are many available online and in the bookstore. Make sure your detox diet follows a safe and practical approach - see previous articles on this blog for some good suggestions.

Once you have a plan to follow you’ll likely need either a good quality blender or a juicer. You can find both online or in your local big box store. There’s no need to spend tons of money on equipment. You’ll also need to make a shopping list so you have all the fruits and veggies you need. Make sure to plan for several juice drinks throughout the day. You don’t want to experience hunger and not have a juice handy.

fresh-squeezed juice (生ジュース)Image by itchys via FlickrPlan your juice detox accordingly with your schedule. Be aware that at times, you may have low energy during your juice detox. You may experience side effects too. These are likely withdrawal symptoms from sugar, sugar substitutes and chemicals found in processed foods. Headaches, mood swings, and digestive issues are common. If you're doing a short cleanse, detoxing during the weekend may make the most sense as it won’t interfere with your work week.

Finally, consider journaling your side effects and symptoms during the juice cleanse. Take notes on what juices you make, how they taste and how your body handles them. Also journal how you feel once you’re off the juice detox diet. What improvements do you notice? Detoxing can be a great way to regain your health and vitality quickly. If you are considering a detox plan, take a look at juice detox programs. They’re simple, healthy and easy to do.

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