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Fall and Winter Skin Helpers

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Being on the outside of your body, of course it takes the brunt of the force from changes in the weather. Keeping your skin healthy and in good condition does more than just keep it looking good - it also maximizes its detoxification potential, which is important as your skin is your largest detoxifying organ.

Winter Snow - LandscapeImage by blmiers2 via FlickrDuring the summer, skin needs protection from the sun. When the weather gets cooler, the methods we use to keep our skin healthy need to change too. This way our skin can glow and be healthy all throughout the year.

Skin Tips for Cooler Weather

* Stay hydrated – Many people think that drinking water is only important when you are exercising or the weather is hot. However, it is just as important when the weather begins to get cold and dry out. Continue to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to replenish water lost through sweating, urination and normal cellular activity.

* Use a humidifier – Dry air can cause skin to become red and itchy. Restore moisture to the air with a humidifier. A cool mist humidifier in your room at night can give keep just enough moisture in the air to make sleeping comfortable.

* Find a good moisturizer – Regular lotions contain perfumes and additives that can actually dry your skin. Look for an all-natural moisturizing product that is light but also contains natural plant oils so that it absorbs into the skin well. (Aubrey Organics and Organic Fiji are two of our favorites - you can find ratings and reviews of other good all-natural moisturizers at

* Remember to exfoliate – It is still important to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Old cells can clog pores leading to acne and irritation, and can decrease your skin's detoxification potential. Once a week, use a good scrub (such as a natural sugar scrub) to gently remove any clinging dead cells from your face and body.

Lips 41Image via Wikipedia* Protect your lips – Lips can become chapped easily when the weather turns chilly. Keep them from peeling and cracking with lip balm. Choose one with a natural zinc oxide sunscreen added if you plan to be out in the sun a lot. Apply as needed to keep lips moisturized and supple.

* Wear gloves outside – Skin on the hands can easily be affected by the elements. When you go outside, wear a good pair of gloves. They will hold in moisture and keep your hands warm.

* Avoid drying out your skin – We often forget that we have skin underneath our hair. The scalp can become dry and itchy when we use blow dryers and other hot styling tools on the hair - especially in winter time. Keep the scalp protected by putting away your blow dryer. Towel dry your hair to protect the skin of your scalp, and use a moisturizing shampoo such as one of the gentler ones from Aubrey Organics formulated to be gentle on the scalp.

* Wear socks to bed – You may want to do this if it gets cold in your house in the winter. The reason here is to hold moisture in and keep the skin on your feet soft. Moisturize them before bed and wear socks to help it absorb overnight.

Protect your valuable skin from the elements with these tips, and your skin will look and feel great year-round.
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