Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun Eco-Friendly Theme Party Ideas

Eco-friendly parties can be a lot of fun. You really don't have to spend a lot of money or waste a lot of materials (plastic, paper, etc.) to throw a fun party. Here are some suggestions for green party themes, and several of them are great for this lovely summer weather. Take advantage of the opportunity to get outside with your friends and family and celebrate the summer season together!

Star Gazing

On a warm night, invite friends over for a star gazing party. This theme works for a variety of ages. Participants can bring a blanket or lawn chair and any sky-viewing equipment they may have. As the host or hostess, you can provide treats or snacks in a celestial (and green) theme. If you have a telescope or binoculars, provide those to your guests. Have a chart of constellations handy too. No wasteful decorations - let the sky do the decorating for you.

Potluck (Photo credit: UU-Jackson)

Potluck parties are not just for church dinners. Let your guests know that the theme is eco-friendly, and encourage guests to bring dishes made from organic and/or local foods. This helps the host or hostess out - you don't have to spend a lot of money and time preparing a multitude of organic dishes.

Serve your guests using reusable and washable flatware and a washable tablecloth. Decorate using recycled paper to make paper chains or paper lanterns. Lighting can be festive with strings of low-energy LED lights. Or, on a warm summer evening, bring your potluck out of doors and picnic under the stars!

Slumber Party

Remember slumber parties? They really don't involve a lot of waste, and make a great eco-friendly party theme for the kids. Activities depend on the age of the participants. Older children may enjoy a pillow-case decorating activity using fabric paints, playing board games, or even "naughtier" games like truth or dare. Young children might like a game of "telephone." Teens often like scary movies and even making gooey treats together. And all of these ideas can be eco-friendly.

Sleepover (Photo credit: secondtree)
Come-As-You-Are Party

This kind of costume party eliminates the needs for mass-produced, throw-away costumes. And the invitations are paperless - you make phone calls to guests, and whatever that person is doing or however they are dressed when you call is what they wear to the party. Guests may show up with pajamas on, wrapped in bathrobes, and with one shoe on and one shoe off. It's a really fun and eco-friendly party theme.


A great summer variation on the slumber party, a camp out or cookout can be a lot of fun for party-goers of all ages. Pitch a tent or two in your yard, roast marshmallows, tell stories, and provide drinks in large containers with washable cups (not individual cans or bottles). If you are cooking dinner out, make the food local and/or organic.

Crafts from Recyclables

If you're crafty and have kids, another green party theme may be making crafts from recycled materials. Have a candle-making party and melt down old crayons to make candles; make bird houses from plastic bottles for a wild bird theme party; make hair clips with cardboard tubes; use scrap paper to make beautiful Christmas ornaments. Guests can bring their own recyclables from home.

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