Friday, June 15, 2012

Video - Natural Mosquito Repellent Options

Here's a great short video covering a wide variety of natural methods for repelling and controlling mosquitoes in  your garden, and on your family!  From sprays that you apply to your skin, to natural products you can use in your garden, or even plants you can grow that help repel mosquitoes from the area. You don't need to spray yourself or your environment with harmful chemicals to get rid of mosquitoes - there are lots of natural options out there - and this video shows you quite a few good ones to try. (Links to a few of these can be found below the video.)

John Dromgoole mosquitoes: Central Texas Gardener
Repel mosquitoes in the garden or on you with John Dromgooles tips for natural control. Along with organic products, he shows how to make your own topical mosquito repellent. Then, ornament the garden or patio with mosquito-repellent plants like scen...

Natural Mosquito Repellents: 
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