Saturday, June 2, 2012

Video - Eco-Friendly Craft Project - Cereal Box Picture Frames

Here is a fun little craft project for a rainy summer day when the kids are home from school. This one's also good for you scrap-bookers and other crafty types! Turn old cereal boxes and used wrapping paper or old newspapers into unique works of art, and then put pictures in them. It's pretty simple, and you or your kids can embellish the frames with all kinds of neat objects - feathers, leaves, dried flowers, or ribbons and charms as shown in the video.  Get out all your old pictures you've been meaning to frame someday, and have some fun with this one....

Cereal Box Picture Frames: Eco-Friendly Crafts I love eco-friendly crafts where I get to upcycle things that would normally go in the trash. Here I transform old cereal boxes into beautiful picture frames.

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