Thursday, July 17, 2014

Video: How Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems Work

This very short video explains the basics of how geothermal systems work to heat and cool your home - much more quietly, efficiently, and cheaply than any traditional home heating and cooling method. My husband and I plan to install a geothermal system in our new home, but I didn't know much about it until recently. They are a great choice for our location - more consistent and reliable than solar or wind power - and from what we understand, less prone to maintenance issues.

The systems can last up to 3 times longer than a conventional heating or cooling system - and they accomplish both objectives with one, quiet low-maintenance unit - plus providing some hot water in the summer. A 30% tax credit for purchase and installation of these systems is available in most states through 2015.

Check it out, and learn more about this energy-efficient way to provide heating and cooling for your home!

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