Monday, September 26, 2011

Natural Herbs to Cure Indigestion

Indigestion can ruin a good day. It often pops up unexpectedly and usually at the worst times. Over the counter remedies don’t always help. Worse, they often put harmful chemicals into your body, and cause your digestive system to work even harder, which can lead to more problems down the road. If you suffer from occasional or chronic indigestion you can use natural herbs to find relief. Try some of these tried-and-true remedies.

Mentha x piperita: Flowers and leaves.Image via Wikipedia#1 Peppermint. Peppermint has long been used to cure stomach illness. It quells nausea, and can also help soothe indigestion. You can utilize peppermint in a number of ways. Often simply inhaling peppermint oil can help calm an upset stomach. You can also drink peppermint tea. If you have peppermint oil on hand you can place a drop of oil in a glass of water. Drink the water to help with indigestion.

Make your own indigestion tea by combining 1/3 tsp. dried peppermint leaves, 1/3 tsp. chamomile and 1/3 tsp. peeled and grated ginger into a tea ball. Bring water to a boil, drop ball into hot water and steep tea for ten to twelve minutes.

#2 Ginger. Second to peppermint, ginger is another common indigestion cure. Simply chewing on a small piece of candied, pickled or raw ginger can help soothe an upset stomach. You can also add ginger juice to boiling water. Add a little honey and drink it as an indigestion tea.

#3 Anise. Anise, which tastes a lot like black licorice, helps cure indigestion. The most basic preparation requires you to crush one to two teaspoons of seeds and steep for ten minutes in boiling water. Use a tea ball or bag to avoid having to strain the seeds from the water. You can also chew on a few seeds, which freshens breath as well as aiding digestion.

This is a curly leaved parsley plant (the comm...Image via Wikipedia#4 Parsley. Parsley is often eaten after a meal to help squelch bad breath. You can also use it to ease indigestion. You can chew on few leaves after a meal. Or you can juice a bunch of parsley and drink the juice, or add it to a smoothie.

#5 Cinnamon. Cinnamon has been commonly used to aid digestion. It aids in liver function and helps boost metabolism. It also helps indigestion. Instead of taking a teaspoon of dried cinnamon orally, consider taking capsules. A teaspoon of dried cinnamon can be very difficult to consume. It doesn’t taste too good in such large quantities.

Finally, consider drinking a warm glass of water with lemon when you’re suffering from indigestion. Green apples, fennel, dandelion, and chamomile can all be used to cure indigestion too.

Indigestion is a common ailment. It’s often the result of eating foods that aren’t good for you. However, healthy foods can cause it too. Instead of running to the pharmacy, consider opening up your refrigerator or spice cabinet. You probably have a great natural cure already in your home.

Note: If you are having severe stomach pain, cramps, nausea or other issues that continue, see a doctor promptly before trying any of these remedies above.
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