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Why Detox? What Are The Benefits?

Considering detoxing? If you want to improve your health, it may be a great place to start. But before you choose a detox plan, make sure you understand the risks and benefits of detoxing. Have a goal for your plan and choose your detox program accordingly.

Top Three Detox Benefits

There are many benefits from detoxing. It doesn’t matter what type of plan you use, the benefits are all basically the same. They’re consistent and powerful. When you detox you will likely:

weight loss tracker week 2weight loss tracker week 2 (Photo credit: The Shed1)1. Lose Weight

One of the primary reasons many people detox is to lose weight. Detox diets are often very restrictive and weight loss is a natural result. For example, the Master Cleanse diet that many celebrities rave about is extremely limiting. You’re essentially drinking water, lemon and some spices for several days. Of course you’re going to lose weight. You’re consuming very few calories (and this process is fairly hard on your body).

However, once you stop detoxing, you’ll gain the weight back. That being said, many chemicals and toxins are stored in your fat cells. When you cleanse and detox, your fat cells are better able to metabolize. You will likely find it easier to burn fat and lose weight - even on a more normal diet - once you’ve detoxified your body.

2. Have More Energy

Most people who go on a detox diet or program find that they have much more energy both during and after the detox. Chemicals and toxins stored in your body affect your energy levels. They slow down your metabolism. They can interfere with sleep. Toxins can also stress your immune system making it work extra hard to fight germs and infections. Detoxing removes these chemicals from your body. Thus your body is better able to function. You’ll feel more energetic, sleep better and even have more mental clarity - see next benefit.

3. Experience Mental Clarity

Many toxins create a foggy mind. Artificial sweeteners and sugar both tend to affect your thinking processes. When you detox, you cut sugar and artificial sweeteners from your diet. You’ll feel as if a fog has lifted. Or as one woman said when talking about her own detox plan, “It was like someone put glasses on me and suddenly I could see everything clearly.”

A good, healthy detox program.
Other common benefits include:
* Improved complexion
* Better breath
* Improved digestion and regularity
* Stronger immune system – fewer colds and illnesses
* Improved sense of well-being
* Better sleep
* Better stress management

Now it’s important to note that while there are many powerful benefits, you may also experience some less pleasant effects during the process. There are many side effects that you’ll likely experience in the first few days. Most are mild, and include headaches, stomach aches, mood swings and irritability and insomnia. Plan your detox during a time when these side effects won’t have a significant impact.

For example, you might start a detox plan on a Thursday. The withdrawal symptoms and detox side effects will occur over the weekend. By Monday you’ll likely be feeling much better and more energetic.

Consult with your alternative healthcare provider to see if detoxing is right for you. If you’re pregnant or struggling with an existing health condition detoxing isn’t a good idea. However, if you’re relatively healthy and your doctor gives the go ahead, detoxing can lead you to improved health.
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