Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kid's Eco-Friendly Project: PicoTurbine Savonius Windmill Kit

Hand-on teaching is the best way to explain science principles to children. If you are a home schooling parent or if you have a child that is interested in learning more about renewable energy and wind power, the PicoTurbine Savonius Windmill Kit is a fantastic teaching tool. The windmill can be built by kids as young as 10, but I would recommend it to kids older than that with a better understanding of certain science principles.

The windmill, once assembled, is a fully functioning small windmill. It uses high quality materials to allow it to withstand the elements. It includes everything your kids will need to build a vertical windmill, from recycled blades, s-foils to copper coils and five, ceramic grade magnets. Once assembled and stationed outside, it shows students how windmills can harness wind energy and turn it into electricity. At a wind speed of 12 mph you can produce approximately 3.0V/50mA.

Overall, I think that this kit will add to students' knowledge of how wind power works, how to convert it into electricity, alternative energy resources, aerodynamics and other scientific principles. I am sure any student interested in science will appreciate this fun kit as a present.

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