Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Green Gift Ideas for Everyone This Christmas

Gifts are a huge part of Christmas and, as such, coming up with green gift ideas can have a huge impact on your carbon emissions every year. You really aren't limited in this area: there are literally hundreds of possible eco-friendly gifts you could choose for family and friends this year.

Here are a few quick green gift ideas to get you started:

Fair Trade
Fair Trade (Photo credit: flydown)
* When you buy wooden gifts, ensure that the wood is taken from a sustainable source,
* Gifts made from recycled waste materials (such as recycled metals or plastic) are a good choice,
* When buying beauty products, opt for organic products wherever you can,
* Buy gifts that encourage people to grow food, such as a starter kit for kitchen herbs,
* Instead of cut flowers, choose potted flowers and plants.

Fair Trade Gifts

Buying fair trade is an ethical choice for Christmas gifts, and any other products you may usually buy. The fair trade system ensures that the producers of the products, all around the world, are treated fairly in their prices and business practices. Although fair trade gifts are not the same as eco-friendly gifts, they are a great way to ensure you're doing something good with your money. Make sure you look for the fair trade logo when buying your presents.

Baked Gifts

If you're short on cash or ideas, then why not bake some gifts for Christmas this year? If you choose organic, local ingredients then your cooking will not only be more eco-friendly, it'll also be healthier for anyone who eats it. What's more, this is a fantastic personalized Christmas gift choice!

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Shopping locally helps the environment and the community. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Local Gifts

Whether you're buying food or other products, buying items that were produced locally can help to reduce their environmental impact. Not only this, but you'll be doing your part to help out businesses and individuals in your community.

The Gift Of Time

Not all the gifts you can give have to be physical products. Why not give someone your time? Perhaps you know someone who needs help redecorating their home, or clearing out the weeds in their garden this winter?

You can also buy loved ones activities such as a day out, pampering in a day spa, a meal in a restaurant and much more. These green gift ideas don't need wrapping, but they provide a fun experience the recipient will never forget!

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