Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Garden of Life Cleanse - Day 3

Well, here we are - just wanted to post an update on the cleanse. I am into Day 4 now of the 10-Day Perfect Cleanse (well, I've taken it for 3 nights now - tonight will be the 4th).  So far, so good!

Herbal supplementsImage by anolobb via FlickrI was mostly worried about A. feeling sick the whole time, and B. running to the bathroom every 10 minutes - neither of which has happened. I feel normal - great actually - I seem to have a lot of energy this week, though I don't know if that's really from the cleanse or not. The only bad night was the first night, when I had some unpleasant stomach issues all evening - but these started before I even took any of the cleanse stuff, so I don't think it was related. Other than that, there has only been occasional (and minor) gas, and not sure if that is related either, but it could be.

The only other issue I have noticed that seems unusual is that I am VERY thirsty - I'm drinking about one and a half times as much water as normal throughout the day (and this does not include the combined 24oz which is needed each evening with the cleanse stuff). But I don't seem to be using the bathroom more, so maybe I was just dehydrated!

Also, just to avoid introducing other toxins into my body during the cleanse (and to prevent flushing away expensive vitamins), I am not taking my normal vitamin regimen (although the package did not say to discontinue this), except for my probiotics and whole-food supplement (also by Garden of Life), and Vitamin D - all of which I take in the morning, so it's not too close to the cleanse products.

Anyway, I'll post another update in a few days, so stay tuned!

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