Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Video - Detox Smoothie Recipe

Here is a quick video with a recipe for making a tasty fruit and fiber smoothie that can help to clean toxins out of your system. Make sure you are using organic fruits, to avoid adding toxins back into your system. You can use this with your detox program, or just as part of your regular diet to keep you clean and healthy.

You can find Stevia (which is the all-natural sweetener she uses - she used the liquid, but there are powder forms available too) and flax seed online very easily.

How to Make Vegetable & Fruit Smoothies : Detox Recipes for Healthy Fruit & Vegetable Smoothies
Learn the basic ingredients to make a detox smoothie recipe and the health benefits of a detox smoothie in this free nutritional video on making healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies. Expert: Nili Nathan Contact: Bio: Nili Nathan, host o...

Some Ingredients from this Video:
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