Friday, February 25, 2011

Garden of Life Perfect Cleanse - Final Review

Okay, so I finished the cleanse, and here are my final thoughts/comments. I will share them in the form of pros and cons, and you can make up your own mind.

Perfect Cleanse Kit garden of lifePros:
  • Lots of energy throughout the cleanse
  • Felt I did rid my body of extra waste
  • Drank lots of water
  • Didn't feel sick or uncomfortable
  • Easy to take/work into my schedule, since you take everything in the evening
  • Didn't get the stomach flu many others had at the time (not sure if this was actually related, but I have heard that doing a cleanse can rid your body of harmful bacteria, and can stop the stomach flu quickly)
  • Affordable
  • Couldn't take all my vitamins on my regular schedule, since I didn't want them flushed out of my system
  • Really really bad (smelly) gas for the last few days(!!)
  • Having to plan dinner around the cleanse/keep track of timing of when to take things
Other observations/notes:
  •  I did "cheat" and skip one day, as I had plans to go out for dinner, and couldn't really gulp down a big glass of brown slime at the restaurant! I hope that didn't affect the results too much - it didn't seem to.... (I did finish the whole 10 days - I just skipped one night - I think #6 - and then picked back up the next night)
  • I didn't put this in the cons, because it wasn't really that bad, but drinking the powdered mix part was a bit gross at first. Actually it wasn't - it had no smell, and tasted only mildly nutty, but it was both slimy and gritty, so the texture wasn't that fun, and it looked like a glass of brown slime (due to the psyllium husks and flax seeds). But by the 3rd night I was used to it, and really didn't mind it at all. I found it was best to let the powder settle completely into the water before stirring, to avoid lumps. Then continue to stir while drinking, as it settles fast.
  • Other than the gas, the other "cons" were really minor. It did fit well into my schedule (other than the restaurant dinner), and was easy to take. I do feel cleaner afterward, and well-hydrated, with good energy.
I am glad I did the cleanse, and would (and may) do it again - just not for a while.  It is definitely affordable compared to many of the other systems out there, and I know the ingredients are really pure and all-natural - no fillers or artificial anything (I am really impressed with the quality of all the Garden Of Life supplements I have seen so far).

If you are interested in trying a cleanse that is affordable and easy to take, you may want to try this one. Just be prepared to shun society for a few days if the gas hits! :-)  (Although it may not, since every body works differently....) You can find it at many health food stores or online, including on

Garden of Life 10-Day Perfect Cleanse:

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